Great Is Thy Faithfulness

  1. Great is Thy Faithfulness - ALL VOCALS

  2. Great is Thy Faithfulness - SOPRANO 1

  3. Great is Thy Faithfulness - SOPRANO 2

  4. Great is Thy Faithfulness - ALTO

  5. Great is Thy Faithfulness - TENOR 1

  6. Great is Thy Faithfulness - BASS

Welcome. Please forgive the clutter, things will look better as we go along. Also things are not guaranteed to work kay daw tuyo pa ako...

On the top right panel, select the voice part that you want to rehearse (SOPRANO 2 & TENOR 2 coming later).

See the boxes below the video? They're shorcuts to certain portions of the song and the text gives you an idea where. i.e. 'C 1 #135' takes you to the 1st Chorus, or measure #135 in the music. 'Pardon #173' takes you to the line 'Pardon for sin ....'. Please note it always starts 1 measure early.

You may notice 2 additional sounds in your right ear: a constant click and an annoying lady.

- The click gives you an idea of the tempo and if you listen closely you'll notice that it slows down/speeds up according to the emotional interpretation. Also notice that 1 click sounds different than the others; that's the FIRST BEAT of the measure.

- The Annoying Lady is a guide to help you prepare for when it's time to start OR stop singing, though not all the time, but only in the crucial parts. When she's counting down that means at the beat after she says, 'one' you either START singing or you CUT the note. When she's counting up that just means she's keeping track of how long you need to hold that note. Sometimes she will say 'Chorus' or 'Verse', but you know what they mean.

TIP: if she's counting down towards the start of a note (especially if they're whole notes holding hands), right after she's says 'ONE' take a quick deep breath to tide you through those 4 measures of sustain. Really suck in air and not a moment too early.

The Click and the Guide take some getting used to and sometimes it can be very distracting. Normally there are volume controls to let you mix them to taste, but they are not made available in the code yet.

Hopefully this will help you practice better. Te kabay nga magtutum kita tanan. All for Jesus....